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CO Parker Horseshoe Ridge

Horseshoe Ridge subdivisions is a neighborhood located within Douglas County, Parker, Colorado. Within close proximity to I-25, it is fairly easy to get into the city of Denver, Colorado. The common housing prices around this area are said to be average for the area. On average, houses in Horseshoe Ridge in Parker sell for about $410,000-600,000. Horseshoe Ridge is very closely located to some open areas and Hess Reservoir , which will soon offer a variety of recreational activities. The neighborhood is not too far with very close access to the I-25 so if anyone is in need of a quick trip to Denver, the trip should only take toward 40 minutes by car. There are many families residing in Horseshoe Ridge, there are many great schools for children to attend in this area. While they may go to other schools outside of their school zones, many choose to stay with the local school as it is typically within a very reasonable distance. There are a wide variety of homes that can be perfectly suited to people in the Horseshoe Ridge subdivision.

The average house in this area costs about $500,000, which is relatively average when we look at other surrounding areas. Many families settle in this area due to the various green spaces and parks all within close distances. Whether there is a family or a business professional moving into the area, there is a house and events for everyone. Horseshoe Ridge is especially great for those who prefer peace and quiet in an area that is still relatively close to the big city.

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