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Choosing a Parker home by a school boundary can be one of the best ways to ensure that your children can get the best possible education. While there are many schools throughout Parker Colorado, some schools can present more specialized programs and different academic experiences than others.

Giving your children the opportunities they need to succeed and putting them in a more recognized school for athletics, testscores etc can be a wonderful way that you can set your children up for a bright future.

If you are looking for a new home in Parker Colorado and you would like to search our listings by school district, you can search under the coverage zone for any school in the local board. This means that whether you would like your children to consider Ponderosa High School, Sierra Middle School or Prairie Crossing Elementary, we can show you the homes that fall within the coverage area or bus routes of these schools.


Choosing based on these criteria can help your kids find new friends who have grown up in a quality school system, be introduced into schools with adequate funding, great programs and consistently high test scores/ratings amongst parents. A move today, could help to change your children’s future and your family’s future forever.